Kinetics Smith Machine

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So Kinetics gym now has its very own Smith Machine.

Smith machines are a great piece of gym equipment. That’s because they allow you to perform strength training exercises without dropping the weights. Essentially a smith machine will allow you to work out safely lifting heavy weights.

How does it work?

The smith machine is a frame with two poles either side which the barbell is attached to. Weight plates are then attached either end of the barbell. And here’s where the safety feature come in, two hooks attached to the bar catch onto a series of pegs and lock the bar in position.

What can you use a Smith machine for?

Inverted rows, which are a great alternative to bent over barbell rows. The classic shoulder press is a good one for the smith machine, the shrug is great to work your trapezius muscles,  incline bench press and use the smiths machine bar at its highest setting and do pull ups.

smith machine

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