Advanced nutrition for weight management

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Advanced nutrition for weight management was the latest training course attended by the Kinetics team. The day was spent looking at the latest research into the causes of increasing levels of obesity in modern day society. There is a clear correlation between the addition of processed carbohydrates in our diets and the increase in obesity cases and related health issues such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol etc.

The training also looked into how trainers can best help clients modify their diet to help reduce weight, increase health and reduce stress levels, as stress has been proven to be a huge factor in weight loss due to certain hormone levels produced by our bodies as a direct cause of certain foods we consume. In a nut shell if we all stopped eating gluten, sucrose, caffeine and anything with a high glycemic load we would all be slim. If only it was that simple!

For more advise on nutrition please feel free to chat to any of our team here at Kinetics.

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