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Newly qualified level 2 gym instructors

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Congratulations to our three apprentices on all passing their level 2 gym instructor. They passed with flying colours.
Also both Gemma and Alison are qualified to teach indoor cycle.
We will be booking them on to some more courses very soon.
Once again well done and welcome to the team.

Kinetics Smith Machine

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So Kinetics gym now has its very own Smith Machine.

Smith machines are a great piece of gym equipment. That’s because they allow you to perform strength training exercises without dropping the weights. Essentially a smith machine will allow you to work out safely lifting heavy weights.

How does it work?

The smith machine is a frame with two poles either side which the barbell is attached to. Weight plates are then attached either end of the barbell. And here’s where the safety feature come in, two hooks attached to the bar catch onto a series of pegs and lock the bar in position.

What can you use a Smith machine for?

Inverted rows, which are a great alternative to bent over barbell rows. The classic shoulder press is a good one for the smith machine, the shrug is great to work your trapezius muscles,  incline bench press and use the smiths machine bar at its highest setting and do pull ups.

smith machine

Olympic Weightlifting

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Latest news: Kinetics team pass their Olympic weightlifting course with flying colours!

Olympic weightlifting is not just for big powerful grunting men, despite the stereotypes. The name “weightlifter” should not be associated with the name “bodybuilder”. We found out this weekend that Olympic weightlifting could benefit almost all athletes and here are the reasons why.

It has been proven by sports scientists that Olympic weightlifting improves athletic performance in almost all sports. Practising Olympic weightlifting teaches an athlete how to apply large amounts of force all at once. Over time it will improve the human body’s ability to activate more muscle fibres than those who are not trained in weightlifting. Having the ability to activate more muscle fibres at once gives you a massive advantage over the competition regardless of your sport. Olympic weightlifting if done correctly over time will improve the following:

  • Rate of force development
  • Kinetic chain synchronizationNeural recruitment
  • Speed
  • Balance
  • Power
  • Metabolic development

Olympic weightlifting is based around the two main lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk. There are many athletic attributes required to perform these two lifts correctly and move significant amounts of weight. The main two attributes are speed and explosive strength. Speed is your ability to turn on as many motor units as genetically possible. Strength is your ability to keep them firing once you have turned them on.

In the snatch the weight is pulled straight from the ground to the full lock out over head position in one explosive motion. In the clean & jerk the weight is pulled from the ground to shoulder height in one explosive motion. When the athlete has a narrow stance with the weight resting on his chest, he or she then aims to press the weight over head to full lock out in one explosive motion.

Advanced nutrition for weight management

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Advanced nutrition for weight management was the latest training course attended by the Kinetics team. The day was spent looking at the latest research into the causes of increasing levels of obesity in modern day society. There is a clear correlation between the addition of processed carbohydrates in our diets and the increase in obesity cases and related health issues such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol etc.

The training also looked into how trainers can best help clients modify their diet to help reduce weight, increase health and reduce stress levels, as stress has been proven to be a huge factor in weight loss due to certain hormone levels produced by our bodies as a direct cause of certain foods we consume. In a nut shell if we all stopped eating gluten, sucrose, caffeine and anything with a high glycemic load we would all be slim. If only it was that simple!

For more advise on nutrition please feel free to chat to any of our team here at Kinetics.

Kinetics team ready for Kettlebell classes

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The Kinetics team are now qualified Kettlebell coaches. An intense day of training, learning a wide range of safe and effective Kettlebell lifts suitable for all potential users. The focus of the course was on teaching safe and effective technique and identifying and correcting unsafe practice. Kettlebells will be used in many of Kinetics’ group exercise classes and will be available for use by all our members. For an introduction to Kettlebells please speak to one of the Kinetics team.

Running Technique

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Earlier this month the Kinetics team attended Premier Training’s running technique course where we learnt how to effectively identify issues with a client’s running gait and best prescribe corrective exercises to optimise running technique. This skill will help our members reduce the risk of injury caused by inappropriate running style and improve overall performance. For a consultation please speak to a member of the Kinetics team.

Kinetics team complete functional training course provided by Ushomi

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An action packed day of functional exercises utilising some of the latest equipment and simple but effective bodyweight moves. 5 days on and my legs are still screaming but it was well worth it. Focus during the session was on program design for both one to one and small group training. The principle behind functional training is to identify everyday or sport specific movements and recreate exercises from those movements. For group exercise the focus is on creating a program that involves effort across multiple joints and planes of movement. The benefit for the kinetics team is now we have even more fantastic ideas for our group exercise classes. Expect simple, effective and fun session across the timetable.

FitPro Convention 2013 report

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Just finished The Fitpro 2013 convention.

A fantastic two day event with demonstrations from a collection of the leading coaches and presenters, lectures by world renowned nutritionists and other sport scientists, workshops enabling personal trainers to experiment with up to date fitness methodology and Master Classes in the latest group exercise phenomenons. Apart from being physically destroyed we have taken a great deal from this event and would like to share some of our findings.

Over two days the Kinetics team participated in 7 hours of group exercise Master Classes. These sessions are designed for class instructors to experience examples of group exercise that can be delivered across any leisure facility. Although every class was completely different with different titles such as, Whipped, Body Transformation and Armageddon they all followed the same HIIT (high Intensity Interval Training) principle. Countless studies have proven that this type of training is by far the most effective for fat burning without any loss of muscle mass, making this type of class ideal for a large proportion of our gym users as we have the best equipment on the market to facilitate these exercises. All these classes were fun and simple to follow with adaptations for different fitness levels.

Running was a big topic at this years Fitpro with several workshops and seminars discussing issues related to running. Studies have shown that 80% of runners have at some time suffered from a running related injury. As a species we are anatomically designed to walk, run and sprint efficiently so why do we get injured. Do fish get injured when they swim? Do kangaroos get
injured when they jump? At Fitpro convention speakers from Vivobarefoot, Premier and Vibram all indicate these issues to one thing, our footwear. Modern day cushioned trainers are designed to reduce impact stress that causes many of runners injuries, sounds good but unfortunately the same trainers enable us to run in a style that causes these injuries. Take the shoe away and suddenly we find it hard to run, why? Simply because we have forgotten how to run. We are undertaking a barefoot running instructors course in order to be best placed to advise our clients on the benefits of barefoot running techniques, we recognise that it’s not for everyone but feel it could be the way forward for many of you. Visit

We were also lucky enough to have one of the UK’s most respected nutritionist Anita Bean give a talk on nutritional trends in relation to sporting performance. The big news here is a pint of milk after a work out is far better for recovery then any carb based sports drink currently on the market. We should be eating 20g of protein with every meal. Beetroot juice has been proven to help athletes to tolerate higher intensities for longer and vitamin D deficiencies can hinder sporting performance.

Manager’s Update

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Welcome to the Kinetics website. Kinetics is a new premier gym that will be opening up in Towcester, just outside Silverstone, Northants, in the summer of 2013.  Over the coming weeks and months I will be posting here to provide updates on our launch schedule and the information available through this site.

In the mean time you can already find some information on this site describing the facilities that we will be bringing to the Kinetics gym and the proposed membership options and costs.

In addition the Kinetics team will post fitness articles and news to give you an idea of what we are all about and our passion for the fitness and well being. In 2 weeks time we’re both off to the FitPro convention at Loughborough University. We’ll post about topics of interest and our highlights here.

Keep fit, stay well and let’s hope spring starts soon to provide that extra little motivation!