Gym Floor

Kinetics hosts top of the range gym equipment. See below for some of the highlights and a link to a high definition plan of the gym floor layout.

queenax_logo_300Queenax is a multi purpose fitness frame that provides you with the opportunity to challenge both mind and body. See the Queenax website for more details. Come to Kinetics for the only chance to experience Queenax in the UK outside of London.

technogym-logo_300Fully featured, reliable, top of the range TechnoGym equipment provides for all of your fitness requirements.

curve_logoThe Woodway curve is a revolutionary self powered treadmill designed to develop a more efficient running posture and foot plant. The benefits will see you improve your PBs and develop a running style that will help you run injury free. Visit the Woodway website to read more about the Curve. Join Kinetics and try it for yourself.

wattbike_logoWhether you are a pro cyclist or just cycling to keep fit Wattbike offers all you need to not only stay in shape but also improve your cycling performance. Endorsed by British Cycling, Wattbike is the ultimate stationary cycling trainer. Join Kinetics and add your training results to Wattbike rankings and follow thousands of Wattbike enthusiasts on Twitter.