Functional fitness, TRX suspension, bootcamp, kettlebells, HIIT workout...

To the fitness enthusiast these terms may spark interest but for the novice it can sound a little intimidating.

At Kinetics our class timetable showcases these new exciting total body workout classes, catering for all fitness and experience levels. We will pride ourselves on not conforming to leisure club norms just to get people through the door, instead creating classes that will be unique, fun, engaging and effective.

Class Descriptions


Capped 6 people

This High Intensity Metabolic Conditioning workout uses a mix of upper and lower body exercises combined with cardio intervals for a super toned body. Mixing body weight and compound power moves to build a lean a strong physique. BURN IT, FIRM IT!


Capped 6 people

Using 3 (TRI) pieces of equipment/exercises with 15 minute interval training on each to give the maximum fat burn of up to 1000 calories.


Capped 10 people

Circuit training using metabolic boosting exercises with few added cardio “SHOCKS” thrown in. Using the classic timings of 30/45 seconds per circuit. Expect a range of exercises and equipment to work every muscle in your body.

20:10 HIIT

No cap

Our take on the Tabata Protocol is proven to improve your fitness in the most efficient way. 20 second burst of high intensity training followed by 10 seconds active rest for 4 minute intervals to increase performance and decrease body fat.
Challenge yourself in this 45minute body weight class knowing the effects will last long after it’s over.


Capped 6 people

Need to add some variety into your workouts?...Welcome to the RIG (Queenax).
The exercises you can do on the Queenax are limitless. Working on our purpose built frame and using calisthenics strength training, think gymnastic exercises like pull ups and monkey bar swings, combine with classic moves using the TRX. This is a Workout everybody should try.


Capped 6 people

Set in the QUEENAX area get ready to use the TRX, Plyo Boxes, Kettlebells and Bodyweight exercises for this High Intensity class that really makes an impact.


Capped 8 people

Using pads, gloves and punch bags you will be shown how to use your entire body to increase power and follow through with a hit. This is an all over body workout learning control and giving a brilliant stress relief.


Capped 8 people

Combining developmental stretches to increase flexibility and Foam Rolling to release tight muscles, also known as myofascial release. Doing this regularly will keep you moving more freely, without the usual aches and pains caused through the week.


Capped 6 people

Using suspension trainers and fitballs you will get a bodyweight workout with a difference. You will improve stability and muscular endurance while burning a few extra calories and having a laugh.


Capped 12 people

Using our Spin Bikes we will put you though a cardio class like no other. Using Hills and Sprints to boost your metabolic rate and get those Legs burning.


Capped depending on class

These classes will change each weekend depending on what instructor is working.
They will be updated in the gym at the start of each week and advertised on our Notice Board, Facebook page and Email updates.